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Premier Development Group is a leading boutique property development management company. We take our intellectual property rights very seriously. But we are also serious about protecting our clients’ investments. We will always defend our rights and our paying clients’ by ensuring that others do not use, copy or misuse our intellectual property.

By law, all plans, designs, renderings, illustrations, photos, images, written content, or any other material found on this website are owned solely by Premier Development Group. It is a breach of our copyright for anyone to use, replicate, reproduce or copy this content, either in whole or in part. Unless expressly authorised by Premier Development Group that is. This includes any content posted to our social media channels (Facebook and Instagram).

The most common way we authorise anyone to use our intellectual property is through contractual agreements with builders, designers, architects, and other stakeholders. Unless you have entered into a contractual agreement with us, you are prohibited from using our intellectual property in any way, shape, or form.

In any event, we detect or are informed of a breach of our intellectual property rights; we will aggressively pursue any legal avenues available to us to protect our rights and our clients’ rights. We have enforced these rights before, and the remedy awarded can be damages payable to Premier Development Group or our clients. These amounts can be substantial.

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